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  • Cliff Mautner
    Cliff is a fantastic wedding photographer, one of the best in the world. He doesn't need a plug from me, trust me, he has achieved a number of well deserved accolades, but he is a personal favorite. To me, what makes a really great photographer is his or her personal style. To distill it down for idiots like myself, it's what makes him different that makes him special. He is a master of low light composition and he creates incredibly beautiful and poignant images that capture the essence of his clients. Suffice to say, I am a huge fan.
  • David Ziser
    David Ziser is incredible. I recently attended his conference as he toured 60 cities across the USA and I learned a ton sitting in the audience in the Atlanta Hyatt in Buckhead about how to create dramatic lighting with a Qflash and a speedlight. I was fortunate enough to shake his hand and tell him thanks for be so open and giving; it was his character and his willingness to share the knowledge he has accumulated over 30 years that impressed me, but it was his personal charm that endeared him to me. What a great human being.
  • Joe McNally
    Joe McNally is one of the premiere professional photographers on the planet. He shoots Nikon and I read anything he writes, listen to anything he says and is one of the ten people I would love to have a cup of coffee with one day.
  • Kevin Kubota
    Voted one of the world's best wedding photographers, his work is beautiful and astounding. Additionally, Kevin is a Photoshop guru and markets a number of action products and tutorials for Lightroom workflow and album production. I had a chance to meet Kevin for the first time at a WPPI Roadshow here in Atlanta in September of 2009. He was affable and down to earth and enjoyed his presentation and learned a few things as he spoke.
  • Kristy Dickerson
    Kristy is a fantastic photographer that I have had the pleasure to shoot a few weddings with. I love her style and she has a beautiful sense of timing and a great eye. She is very talented and establishes a great rapport with clients; they just love her.
  • Marcus Bell
    Marcus Bell is a phenomenal photographer from down under. Very talented Nikon shooter that is extremely versatile and a really talented wedding shooter.
  • Steve Glass
    A consummate professional with a real flair for the artistic and amazing timing on the shutter. He is a fantastic talent at capturing those tantalizing candid shots at weddings. Always learning, teaching and growing in his craft. His style is unique, distinctive and beautiful. Steve is a personal friend, but more than that he is a brother from a different mother, someone who shoots me straight, no varnish, no sauce, just the facts and I appreciate his honesty and candor more than he'll ever know. God bless him and his family and if you are looking for a finger on a trigger he's your guy.
  • Thom Hogan
    Premiere nature photographer, Nikon equipment expert, prolific author of exceptional DSLR & Flash eBooks.
  • Tricia Whitmer
    Tricia is a fantastic photographer. Her portrait and wedding work is amazing and worth a look. She is an inspiration to me and a fabulous talent that recently shared some of her trade secrets in a workshop; money well spent and I highly recommend you attend one of her workshops if you ever get the opportunity.

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